Retro 13 Squadron Blue and Foamposite One Fighter Jet drop tomorrow

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Foamposite Fighter Jet and Jordan Retro 13 Squadron Blue ReleaseEven while the north east gets burried under a blizzard, people are still lining up to cop the Foamposite One “Fighter Jet” and Jordan Retro 13 “Squadron Blue”. Also releasing tomorrow is the Jordan Retro 1 and M8 Year Of The Snake Pack, and the Retro 5 GS “Valentines”. You might be better off copping a pair online. 2013 has seen a steep price hike in nike’s most popular lines, so keep in mind, foamposites will run you $235 and the Retros will go for $170

Foamposite Fighter Jets Links

Air Jordan Retro XIII Squadron Blue Links

Air Jordan Retro 5 “Valentines” GS Links

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