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Well the FTC spends more time worrying about bloggers than google spying on you and stealing your information without warning… but hey, who am I to second guess what the government should do?

As stated in our FAQ, we are not a retailer. We don’t sell goods or services. if that ever changes for whatever reason we’ll raise hoopla about it, believe you-me.

We do however use services such as google-ads and amazon links. What does that mean for you? When you look at an ad, or sometimes click a link we may make a penny, if we’re lucky a dollar or two. It’s not much, but it keeps the site up and running. For that we’re grateful for our visitors (and often talk about it).

What we don’t do and will never do: We don’t do “paid reviews” or phony endorsements where we give an opinion on something because someone is paying us to. Thats shady, that’s low. That’s the kind of thing your lobby loving money hoarding politicians do, not us.

That means our opinions always have been and always will be genuine. Why? because that matters to us. If we say we love something… we really do love it. If we hate it, it’s because it’s terrible. We don’t hold back, in fact, we often go too far with our opinions if anything.

What Do We Do With Our Ad Revenue? Well, in 2013 98% of our revenue went into advertising on social media, website costs and maintenance and purchasing review and giveaway supplies. So far 2014 is on track for the same thing. The other 2%? Lets say scotch and sushi. In essence, we don’t make enough off these clicks and ads to care too much about them. Really we just want to spread the word and help people get their kicks and save a few dollars on killer deals.

Does this make sense? If not we’re happy to answer any questions. Just shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll clear it up. However if you try to set us up with a friend, ask for free stuff or ask for your horoscope, we will mock you without shame.


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