Air Jordan Retro 4 Bred (Black/Red Cement)

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Air Jordan Retro 4 Black/Red Cement (“Bred”) from

There have been a lot of requests for the link to these shoes. The link has been removed from ( The second closest thing they have is 2012 New AAA Jordan 4 -002

  • Quality: 1:1 Replica 5/5
  • Appearance: 5/5
  • Comfort : 4/5
  • The Good: Dimensions, materials, color, tag.
  • The Bad: Red mark on sole, some paint mistakes on bottom left sole.
  • The Ugly: Tongue corners angled, should be rounder, stars on toe too small/flat.

Conclusion: Hiphopiop offered a 1:1 of the Jordan 4, and they delivered. Common shortcomings of a replica 4 (i.e. Materials, Tongue size, weight, jumpman, color) were spot on in this pair. Seriously in a side by side, you couldn’t spot the fake. Even holding the shoes in your hand you still couldn’t.

As usual tho, hiphopiop cannot get a package to you in good shape. Looks like it went thru a warzone to get here. Luckily the products inside were not affected. It was missing the dust-bag, but all the little annoyances are gone as soon as these shoes hit your feet. They look perfect and are true to size. I was seriously impressed. It felt to me like the toebox was a little snug on the inside, but it could just be me, or comparing to a worn in pair. The real heartbreaker is the red mark on the sole. It’s the only obvious flaw, albeit a quality one not a design one.

You know the phrase “they broke the mold when they made this one?” I’m pretty sure they sole the mold when they made this one. It’s just that close.

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