Fear Pack Ticket Info

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Foot Locker has announced that the Jordan Retro Fear Pack will be a sweepstakes ticket release.


Tickets will be given out on Wednesday 8/21 and Thursday 8/22. Winners can pick up their Jordans on Saturday 8/24. Check the online Launch Locator to find out what stores will cary the Jordan Fear Pack.


3 thoughts on “Fear Pack Ticket Info”

    1. No they’re going to be $175. Nike had originally set the 4 and 5 at $160 (see our original Fear Pack Post) now they’ve removed the 5 from the launch and raised the price on the 4.

      Looks like the usual Jordan brand logic “if they’ll pay more, charge more” 😉

      1. That’s messed up, was hoping I could get the pair of 4’s for 160 cuz thats the best looking one IMO. Gotta think about it now. Always about the money, extra $15 each pair of 4’s=a good amount of money.

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