Fear Pack Fiasco

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The Jordan Fear Pack release was marred by production delays, price hikes and launch failures making it the botched release of 2013.


On 8/9 the launch date and price point was confirmed via nike.com. All 3 shoes were available with only the Retro 3 pushing the unusual $175 price tag. Within two weeks nike updated their site raising the price on the Retro 4 and dropping the Retro 5 all together. Other major websites such as Finish Line and Foot Locker followed suit, hiking the Retro IV price and moving the Retro V Fear to “in store only” status.

Supply checks revealed however, that no one was carrying the elusive Retro V, and very few received small quantities of the Retro 3. In fact, the only shoe out of the fear pack to see a near public release was the Retro 4.

Meanwhile on launch day, finishline.com accidentally posts the fear pack at 7:30 am, half an hour before launch. With such limited quantities they sold out within minutes, and at 8 AM, thousands of disappointed customers logged on to finishline.com to find out their coveted kicks were gone, long before they got there. To be fair, Nike hadn’t supplied Finish Line with much stock to begin with, but for Jordan fans it started to feel like insult to injury.

We see push backs and launch failures regularly in the sneaker head community, so it certainly isn’t anything new. And we may yet see an official launch of the Retro 5, or perhaps a mass restock once they figure out all the kinks. However, if we take only one thing away form today’s launch its that the Jordan Brand continues to do whats best for the Brand and not the kicks community. Preserve hype while alienating customers.


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  1. Normally, I’m good for a pair of finishline, so that’s why that shit was sold out so early. SMH at this f’d up shit.

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