Cam’ron x Reebok 4/20 Purple Haze Release Links

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Tomorrow is 4/20, a celebrate date for potheads everywhere and rapper Cam’ron is taking it up a notch. Reebok’s latest collaboration is the Cam’ron x Reebok Ventilator Supreme “Purple Haze”. An extremely limited release with only 500 pair being spread around to select retailers so make sure you have your monitors running if you’re looking to cop a pair.

Cam'ron x Reebok Ventilator Supreme PH Purple Haze AR1257 camron
Cam’ron x Reebok Ventilator Supreme Purple Haze (style AR1257)
Resale Prospect Resale Price $250 – 13% =$217 Retail Price $125 Profit = $92 (74% ROI Good)
Authenticity Warning Fakes Not Available In This Colorway Yet (Low to Moderate)
Reebok US (Midnight EST)
Reebok JP
CNCPTS (Midnight EST)
St Alfred
Villa (10 AM EST)



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