Fake/Cheap Fighter Jet Foamposites? Not worth it.

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CopTheseKicks has had a lot of traffic lately from people looking for “cheap fighter jet foamposites” or Fake, or Replica fighterjet foams. The Nike Air Foamposite One “Fighter Jet” (aka Black/Hyper Red-Dark Grey-White or Camo) dropped yesterday, 2/9/13 online and at select retail locations and sold out within minutes.

Altho I’m not a big fan of most foamposites, especially this colorway, I can understand frustration of losing your pair to a hypebeast or reseller. Some people turn to fakes, or shady websites when they miss their chance.

So far the images I’ve seen creep up on google image search when you type “fighter jet foamposite” are showing a large number of fakes that also look way off the mark.

So I’m including a picture for comparison between the legit fighter jet foams and the fakes. You can decide for yourself.

Fighter Jet Foamposite Fake Comparison
Fighter Jet Foamposite Real Vs Fake: Click To Enlarge

The most noticable differences are:

  • Camo pattern, cluttered and erratic on the fakes.
  • Carbon fiber replaced by hard plastic with red dots
  • Heel tab too short, 1/2 ¢ logo too large


And of course, here is a youtube video so you can compare for yourself.

If you had your heart set on this release, the best bet would to be, cop a pair off ebay with good pics and receipt, or wait for footlocker to restock.

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