Finishline Restocking Jordan Bred 11 on 2/12?

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Finish Line

**UPDATE 2/13**
Foot Action and Foot Locker announce Bred Retro 4, Thunder 4, Pink Foamposite, Retro 5 Fire Red and Retro 3 ’88 (OG) Restock ove the next 3 days.

**UPDATE 2/12**
7PM Foot Locker announces Bred 11 and Cool Gray 9 restock event.
Retro 11 Breds and concords available now at Full run of each

**UPDATE 2/11**
Finishline has all but confirmed on their twitter account that restock is eminent. According to sources we hear the release will take place at the usual 8 AM EST


Rumors are flying, implying a restock of the Jordan Retro 11 Bred on Tuesday February 12th, 2013.

Jordan Bred 11 to restock on 2/12

CopTheseKicks was able to confirm that Finish Line had a surplus of Bred 11s, even in retail locations, that got shipped back when unsold on launch. Perhaps they have just been waiting for the right time to restock. We did note on finishline’s recent Jordan Restock Event, the 11 was left out. We can only assume this opens the door for another restock event.

Stay tuned, we will update when we hear more.


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