Shoe Palace x Vans Old Skool “25th Aniversary” A Closer Look

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In March, Shoe Palace and Vans released a special 25th anniversary collaboration. This collection consisted of 2 shoes and matching shirts dressed in red black and white. We received a pair of SP x Vans Old Skool directly from Shoe Palace and were absolutely blown away by the quality and construction of these kicks.

These kicks feature Van’s iconic black & white checkerboard pattern on the inner panel. A red side stripe accents these kicks making them extremely eye catching. Typically skate shoes don’t stand out but the asymmetry of the colorway and contrasted colorway makes these kicks the exception. There’s no filter jig on these kicks, the red really pops in person. The black is deep and consistent throughout. You won’t end up with a washed out pair of kicks that looks nothing like what’s on the menu.

Every little detail tells the story of Shoe Palace’s 25 years in business.

The insole of the left shoes lists the States with Shoe Palace locations where the right insole is marked with XXV, 25 in Roman numerals. The soles feature a red and black checker board pattern and the heel sports a red “Off The Wall” logo. The shoelaces have BASCOM printed on the tips, paying homage to their first store’s address. All these little embellishments contribute to the overall unique feel of these kicks.

Construction is incredibly solid on these kicks. While the side panels are made of the usual canvas, the toe box and heel cup are a black suede. The eyelets and tongue is made of sleek black tumbled leather lending to a premium look we’ve come to expect from collaborations.

As for comfort, Vans hasn’t done much with their soles in decades, so you know what to expect.

The premium materials definitely add to the looks but also the overall weight. They’re slightly heavier and less flexible than the typical canvas old skool. If you’re picking up a pair to skate in, you’ll be pleased because they’ll hold up well. If you want a pair to rock casually, we recommend getting a decent insert to make them more comfortable when hitting the streets.

Overall the Shoe Palace x Vans Old Skool is the Cadillac of skate collabs. Superb construction and materials, eye catching colorway and enough themed embellishments really give meaning to these kicks. Fans of the Vans iconic silhouette or sneakerheads looking for limited kicks that aren’t overplayed will appreciate this collection.

You can pick up a pair today for only $65. Most Adult and GS sizes are available. As with all vans, these are unisex. Women should order 1.5 sizes smaller than their normal size. (Men’s size 9 is a women’s 10.5)


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