Retro 12 (XII) Obsidian – Blue Review

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Air Jordan Retro 12 Obsidian from

  • Quality: Replicas (2012 release) 4/5
  • Appearance: 4.5/5
  • Comfort : 5/5
  • The Good: Perfect color, height, current release.
  • The Bad: Few loose threads, crooked heel tag, pebble leather a bit too thick.
  • The Ugly: No carbon fiber snakeskin, glossy plastic instead.

Conclusion: While the ordering process at hiphopiop is a borderline nightmare and communication is almost non existent, the product itself made up for it. My first concern was the colorway, and the second concern the quality. Fortunately, hiphopiop knocked it out of the park with the color. Dead on, right down to the tags. The materials were a little thicker and shinier than you’d want, but color was slick.

The quality was a different story. The right shoe was amazing, but the left one, as you can see, had some stitching inconsistencies, sloppy paint and puckering on the toe. The fact one shoe is so on, makes the other shoe look that much worse.

The laces don’t fit through the claps, but the ones from my legit 12s do so you’d need to replace the laces. The snakeskin carbon fiber being replaced by shiny plastic and a pattern, not impressive, but not a deal breaker either.  Really tho, even for replicas, it’s not bad at all. There’s no issue that couldn’t be fixed with a razor blade and a steady hand.







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