Retro 12 (XII) Cool Gray – Team Orange Review

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Air Jordan Retro 12 Cool Gray / Team Orange from

  • Quality: Replicas 4/5
  • Appearance: 4/5
  • Comfort : 4/5
  • The Good: Solid stitching, perfect pattern, decent material.
  • The Bad: Jumpman side tag slightly off.
  • The Ugly: Color way too dark. No carbon fiber snakeskin, glossy plastic instead, leather texture different.

Conclusion: As usual with ordering any Jordans online, your first concern is the colorway, and the second concern the quality. Unlike the Obsidian 12’s previously reviewed, the quality is almost dead on, but the colorway is a swing and a miss. I guess you can’t win them all

The box was destroyed, flimsy retro insert card included, and of course the box design is from a decade ago, but who’s worried about the box anyway? What stands out is how much darker all the colours are. The Orange is borderline red and the cool gray seems more like a slate gray to me. Putting them side by side with the real thing really contrasts the difference, but on the foot it’s almost unnoticeable without really taking a hard look.

As before the snakeskin carbon fiber being replaced by shiny plastic and a pattern, but the rest of the sole was solid, better than the originals, sadly.  Tongue is too wide, the shoe too narrow and a bit on the short side. Really if you think of them as $160 shoes, it’d feel like a rip-off, but for $38 (plus $20 shipping), you can’t go wrong.


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