Air Jordan Retro 11 XI Concord

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Air Jordan Retro 11 Concords from

  • Quality: Replicas (2000 release) 4/5
  • Appearance: 4/5
  • Comfort : 5/5
  • The Good: Above average alignment and materials. VERY comfortable, icy blue sole, proper tag placement.
  • The Bad: Loose threads.
  • The Ugly: No carbon fiber, wrong heel 23, white insole, Should be noted that jumpman direction (toward toe not heel) and clear toe (should be white not black) are from the OG concords, not the 2010 release.

Conclusion: Absolutely not the product pictured on the website, but it was pretty obvious those were stock photos anyway. The box looked legit, but once you pull out the insert, it’s obvious it’s not original. At first glance, these concords are really nice. Almost had me fooled, and I’m pretty sure you could wear these around with minimal fixes and no one would know the better without a close inspection. You can get away with a hard look but I wouldn’t brag about them. Heel had a slight misalignment, but really nominal compared to most replicas and fakes. Probably the most amazing part of this shoe is how good it feels on your feet. I’d give you a go ahead to wear these in a pick-up game or two. One factor is this is a replica of the 2000 Retro release, not the 2010 release. Jumpman points toward the toe not the heel, and the sole at the toe tips is clear not white.

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