October 20th Release Links

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With the Curry 2 just around the corner there was questions around the end of the Curry 1. Rumors of a Championship pack, and a Birthday Colorway dubbed Splash Party have been circling for months and it looks like they’ll both release as one in a final hurrah for the Curry 1.


While we have often touted Under Armour as the champion of affordable sneakers on our podcast “Talk Kicks“, however they seem to be taking a queue from Nike with the Championship Pack. Normally priced at $120 a pair, the Champ Pack will boast a $400 retail tag giving a price increase of 50%. Pretty steep in a sneaker market that has failed to push through kicks in the $200 range lately.

Even a seemingly modest 20% increase on the reigning kings of sneakerdom, Jordan Brand, in the Retro 7 Celebration pack saw slow sell-outs, multiple restocks and even outlet finds Under Armour may be pushing their luck and Steph Curry’s popularity while drifting dangerously close to sneaker hubris with a $200 price point on the Curry.

Under Armour Curry 1 Championship Pack

Under Armour
Foot Locker

Jimmy Jazz has also scheduled a restock of the Jordan Retro 13 “Dirty Bred” for 10 AM Eastern. If you slept on these, or struck out on the original release, you’ll get another chance. What is unusual is that they do not indicate what sizes will be available, but the one pictured is obviously Mens.



And another restock, yet to be confirmed is the Kendrick Llamar x Reebok Ventilator which was massively popular and really brought the ventilator into the spotlight.


YCMC has mysteriously brought back the product page, so if you’re looking for a pair you might want to keep a page monitor running.


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