KD 6 Aunt Pearl Restock | Real Vs Fake

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Today the KD 6 Aunt Pearl finally saw it’s first real restock.


Select Foot Locker House Of Hoops locations got restocked with the KD 6 Aunt Pearl. Multiple confirmations from multiple locations have come in. Unfortunately they sold out generally within an hour leaving little chance for phone orders. Given the random nature of this restock, it might be a good idea to check with your local Foot Locker retail store to see if they got any restocks in.


It’s also worth noting that fake KD 6 Aunt Pearls have started hitting the market. Altho very similar to the authentic KD VI Aunt Pearl, you can spot the fakes due to their lack of flywire lining on the eyelets, solid pink upper (no highlights) and spacing on the swoosh in relation to the toebox.

AuntPearlrvf copy

1 thought on “KD 6 Aunt Pearl Restock | Real Vs Fake”

  1. Hi I’m looking into buying kd vi aunt pearl. I want to buy authentic ones. I’ve notice some shoes has the dots on the blue section of the shoes. If they have them are they aunthetic also the bottom of the shoes where there’s KD in a hexagon shape is the background solid pink or floral like the shoes? Also I’m looking at youth sizes so let me know what else to look for since sometimes the design for youth and adults is a little different. Thank you

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