END. Launches Bringing Restocks and Limited Releases

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END Clothing has had a long history of backdoored launches becoming a haven for resellers and the bane of regular sneakerheads. Almost one year ago we highlighted their refusal to secure their launches, warning that they would slowly become irrelevant with their steadiest customers. It seems they have finally decided to make an attempt at changing the way they release sneakers to combat bots and backdoors.


END. Launches is a subdomain on endclothing.com that seems to be dedicated to releasing new products in a SNKRS like fashion. To celebrate this new format for releases they will be restocking a ton of coveted kicks with a catalogue spanning over a year back. Everything from Fragment 1’s to Yeezy 350’s will make their way to this restock. According to the END. instagram account, we can expect some real heat coming our way VIA END. Launches.

END Launches Yeezy Restock


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