Retro 5 Pulled from Fear Pack?

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Fear Pack Release Change
Nike Official 8/24 Release Line up changed between August 9th and 19th

Last minute changes to nike’s release lineup indicate that the Fear Pack won’t release as originally expected.

The Retro 4 was bumped from $160 to $175 and the Retro 5 was dropped all together from Nike’s release calendar. Sources indicate there may have been production issues with the 5 leading it to be a very limited, in store only release, if they are released at all. Other speculation is suggesting a delay before an online launch, perhaps masked as a “restock”.

*UPDATE* Foot Locker has also pulled the Fear Retro V from their site. Altho their Launch Locator still seems to indicate a decent distribution of the Retro 5 in their House Of Hoops locations.
Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 1.06.30 AM

We will keep you posted on any changes to the 8/24 release of the Air Jordan Retro Fear Pack here.

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