Launches: Europe vs USA

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Lots of new releases, collabs and general heat these last few months. That means lots of launch events. In the US, thats a terrifying show of conviction where you wait in line and dodge bullets. It seems like every other launch makes headlines after the police show up. (Seattle, Houston, Atlanta…) How are things on the other side of the pond?

Kicks, bbq, cake and beer. No really. The sneaker community gets together to show of their “trainers” (generally a well rounded combination of brands and colorways) and enjoy some of life’s finer things. Music… booze… grub.

Most advocates trying to “stop the sneaker violence” think the limited quantities and hype are to blame. If it were that easy, Nike could just pump out more kicks, but unfortunately that argument lacks logic. Europe gets fewer pairs of these releases than the US and they manage to handle launches with grace. If it were supply and demand the violence would spill over there too.


It’s us, our attitude. We’re cold, grumpy, disgruntled we’re spending our money. Either that or resellers who don’t really care and it’s just business to them.

Sure there’s something to be said for the good old american dog-eat-dog, never take a vacation, me-first mentality. It pushes us harder, makes us expect nothing but the best, but it also does something else. It makes us look like a-holes in Europe.

But there’s a better world out there. One where we can look forward to launch events, instead of avoiding them at all costs. (In store only? DAMN!) One where we can show off our heat that’s as individual as the wearer, not just 50 Retro 11’s and 35 Foamposites. One where we can get loaded and make new friends. Now, I’m not saying all US releases are American Gladiators gone bad, and I’ve made some friends in line myself. But I will say this.


I’ve never had craft beer that was made JUST for one colorway. And damn it… I want to.

Examples: See END x Saucony Burger Launch, SNS Launch Blog, and aFew x Nike 5 Year.

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