Autographed Kendrick Lamar “DAMN” Vinyl + T-Shirt

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Kendrick Lamar is offering up a very limited number of autographed copies of his album on CD or Vinyl starting at just $15. Album comes with a digital copy as well making this the deal of a lifetime since the album alone costsĀ $13 on Amazon. For 2 bucks more than retail you get an autographed copy!

Shirt bundles are also available at $25 for the Autographed CD bundle and $40 for the Vinyl bundle.

This deal expires at 11:59 on 4/20 so don’t think about it too long! On a personal note, we copped the Untitled Unmastered autographed Vinyl. They take a long while to ship and Kendrick’s autograph looks terrible… still… we copped DAMN anyway.


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