Reebok 2017 Alien Stomper “Final Battle Pack” Giveaway

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Last year Reebok celebrated “Alien Day” by releasing the OG Alien Stomper featured in the sic-fi cult classic “Aliens”. This year they are releasing another round of H.R. Giger inspired shoes dubbed the Alien Stomper Final Battle Pack. This double box set includes two colorways representing the Ripley and the Alien Queen in their final showdown.

Reebok Alien Stomper 2017 Final Battle Pack Box

Inspired by the infamous Queen Alien and Power Loader, these sneakers are a movie buff’s dream. With nods to the film’s heritage on every strap and a tricked out double box with parts of the ACTUAL script engrained in it, no detail was left out.

Release date is set for July 18th 2017 and retail price is unknown still. Reebok is giving you a chance to win a pair with their Alien Day Giveaway.

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