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1 thought on “C-WrDFGVYAAN6Cj”

  1. Wow! Tell Reebok thanks a billion!!!

    This franchise of films are my all time favorite, and these shoes are from the best and most revealing “Alien” ever made… the alien movie where Ripley fights the Queen with the yellow and black CAT in the chamber! She kicked Space Alien Ass! 👽

    Excellent! Great keepsake! Never selling them!!! 🤓

    If possible, please let me know if anymore similar releases come out & and put me down as first on the list. Tell me where I can go to find more limited edition items like this. 😎 👌


    Ms. Jaime N. Ewing
    2405 North 39th Street
    Milwaukee, WI. 53210-3010
    Phone 1: (414) 326-7958
    Phone 2: (414) 204-0106
    Email 1: [email protected]
    Email 2: [email protected]

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