What The KD 6/14 Early Links

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The Nike signature MVP “What The KD” 6 was delayed due to production issues. After a UK release last week, we will get another round of launches here in the US.

We continue to add links as we get them. Some links we choose not to release until we are closer to the release date to avoid exploiters, a placeholder page is added instead.

For more information on early links, check out our Early Link FAQ.

What The KD 6
Nike (10 AM EDT) **
Champs (8 AM EDT)
Eastbay (8 AM EDT)
Finish Line (8 AM EDT)
Foot Action (8 AM EDT)
Foot Locker (8 AM EDT)
Jimmy Jazz (8 AM EDT)
city gear** (8 AM EDT)
shoe palace (8 AM EDT)
Nike (10 AM EDT)
ubiq** (12 PM EDT)


** Credit where credit’s due. Some links provided by ATrainKickz and SOLEMARTYR

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