How Early Links Work

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So you got the early links from Cop These Kicks… now what?


Step 1: Log In. Make sure you’re not using a “private window” in your browser and that cookies are enabled. This makes sure the site doesn’t forget who you are during checkout. Sign in the night before, and refresh the cart 30 minutes before launch to clear it out and make sure you’re still logged in. Sometimes checking out quickly is the key to avoiding getting “cart-jacked” or losing your kicks before paying.

Step 2: Hit the Early Link. After you’ve cleared your cart and ensured you’re still logged in, click the Early Link for the site you’re trying to cop from.

Nike: The Nike early links will take you directly to the product 1-5 minutes before launch. Hit the link and start refreshing every 5-15 seconds. As soon as the product appears instead of the Nike product not found page, add to cart. Keep in mind during heavy server load even their captcha picture selection gets goofy. Try not to refresh once the product appears or you may get stuck at the infamous “spinning gear”

Foot Locker, Eastbay, Champs, Foot Action: Hit the link about 30 minutes before launch and watch the countdown. Sometimes the countdown clock is off, so make sure you’re getting accurate time, or are set ahead of time. When it reaches 0 it’ll let you select size and add to cart.

Finish Line: Hit the link 10-15 minutes before release and start refreshing 1-2 minutes prior to launch. Finish Line “gates” their launches giving you an infamous “SPA” 30 second countdown. Altho it keeps the site from getting sluggish or crashing, it also can keep you from getting your kicks. Opening multiple browsers is recommended.

SNS: Hit the link about 5 minutes before launch. When countdown reaches 0, select size and checkout.

END.: End sometimes uses a countdown, sometimes releases randomly. Altho easily my favorite online retailer for kicks, they aren’t the most reliable when it comes to releases. When the countdown reaches zero, select the size and add to cart.

If you ever wondered how we get our early links, or if they work, check out our FAQ: Do Early Links Work

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