Adidas APS On Sale

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The Adidas APS is a legendary sneaker revolution from 1986 when gimmicks rules the sneaker scene. Using a key in the heel you could raise of lower the sole to fit your comfort. Adidas rereleased these a few times over the decades in limited quantities. The last release was 11 years ago.

Adidas APS OG

The Europe only limited release of the Adidas APS OG has a few sizes still sitting on shelves and they’ve been put on discount. I picked up each colorway myself and rock them almost daily. If you’re looking for a truly unique and rare kick that grabs attention, now’s your chance.

Adidas APS OG Black
END – $67 w/coupon FIFTEEN
triads – $77
hanon – $87
SNS – $139

Adidas APS OG White
hanon – $87
triads – $96
size – $132
SNS – $139


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