Are American Sneaker Boutiques Selling Fake Yeezys?

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We like to joke that #AllYeezysAreFake, even the “real” ones. We often poke fun at collectors by saying that Authentic Yeezys turn fake after a month, like Cinderella’s carriage turning into a pumpkin. While that may be a joke, there is truth to it. Several resellers have sold fake Yeezys using faked receipts, copies or even their original legitimate receipts. While we’ve known that you cannot trust resellers with a market so lucrative and diluted by replicas, there’s a bigger question here. What about the small shoe boutiques and consignment shops?

Anecdotal stories of people copping fake Yeezys from Flight Club are all over reddit and NikeTalk. While it’s impossible to confirm it does seem Occam’s razor applies here. What’s more likely, a market consisting of 99%+ nearly indistinguishable fakes will never reach Flight Club, or that their employees just can’t keep up with the weekly changes to unauthorized and fake Yeezys and occasionally, accidentally resell a fake?

Stories of Chinese retailers buying additional supply of hyped releases from fake or unauthorized factories are common, and given the rather lax laws, not surprising. Now there are reports that American retailers are ordering knock off Yeezys to boost profits. They also claim that “famous” youtubers are purchasing replicas and using their status as a authority on fakes to flip them. They occasionally post screen captures of DM conversations to “prove” it’s happening on their Facebook profile.

While it’s more than likely a publicity stunt to increase sales of their replica Yeezys, it does back up the community’s claims that Western retailers are selling fakes to bolster profits. It also lines up with recent busts of “trusted” retailers selling fakes, most notably Kolorblind Shoes in San Diego and Supplied PDX. The money is good, a $100 investment can lead to a $1,000 sale and I suppose at some point the money can get “too good”. Best of all these small shops don’t need to “prove” their Yeezys are real with receipts, they can literally print their own. Finally let’s not forget Nice Kicks, now an authorized retailer of Yeezys, got their start selling fakes.

While we can’t take this unconfirmed post on Facebook as truth, the disturbing part is it’s not hard to believe. The point of this is simply that Fakes Yeezys are everywhere and what we’ve said before remains true… If you don’t cop on release day from Adidas or Footsites… you probably bought fakes.

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【A big big secret about retail Yeezy still fake in fact!】I really want to tell you guys a truth,maybe it’s just like a secret of those bad shopkeeper in the real world. Why I say like this. Read carefully plz. I just new here,I come across that my boss is talking to a foreigner who comes from America. The American are asking my boss for more high quality replica of Yeezy. cuz my boss main businesses is in China. Everybody knows that Yeezy is very hard to get .so my boss produce Yeezy by himself so that our chinese can wear Yeezy, too. It is very hard for expert to tell from the real and boss has asked experts from Adidas to do the experiment. So the bad foreigner ask my boss for more Replica so that he can sell them like a real Yeezy for more Profit. My boss don’t know what he want to do with these Yeezys. Just thinking that he wants more people wear Yeezy also. So he agree. cuz my boss is a very kind old man. But when I see videos on youtube. I find that many famous people are comparing the real and fake. In fact ,both fake. cuz our company has different version of Yeezy. and updated its quality every week. the different Yeezy on youtube just from different time of our factory. A big bam! the most ridiculous thing is that the people in the youtube just pretend to be expert in Yeezy. in fact he can’t tell from real or fake from our fscotory either. Cuz our boss get a real and just make the the same to the real one. if you guys don’t believe can come on and visit our official website only for Yeezy fans and have a check whether an differences between you spend much money in the real shop. Come on! let’s give those bad owner of real shop a a big disclose! What’a more some famous youtuber are asking our stuff for a free Yeezy but be rejected.In fact what you guys see on youtub tell you how to tell from replica and Original both fake. just from the different version from our company. Everybody knows that China is a very big country. and we are good at making replica and are hardworking human being. So it’s very easy for us to produce a better replica of Yeezy. And at the same time. our company produce Yeezy just cuz we want chinese can wear a high quality Yeezy too. But some bad person from abroad ask our company sell the high quality replica of Yeezy to them so that they can retail them in the real shop and make big profit. Telling a lie is a very bad habit. I will show you guys the messages our company stuff chat with the famous youtuber who wanna our Yeezy and What we do just wanna everyone can wear A Yeezy nearly the same to Adiza’s. Also feels comfortable and just like step on the cloud when you wear in your feet inside the shoe. Come on! let me show you this big big big bam! even some famous youtuber are cheating you but you don’t know. cuz different label outside the Yeezy box we can produce. So don’t believe youtuber show you which one is real which one is fake. in fact both fake. just different version from our company. Lmao. a big bam. so ridiculous!

Original post not linked and website redacted because we’re not going to give them the publicity they clearly wanted with this article. Our thanks to  for alerting us to this post.

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