KD VI Restocks

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The KD 6 colorways go fast and often leave you feeling regret for sleeping on the releases. There’s still some stock sitting overseas and some even below retail with shipping available to the US.

KD VI Bamboo
Finishline  sz 10.5

The KD VI Ext Gum was the second Peanut Butter and Jelly colorway for the KD 6.
Urban Industry
: $131 + $15 shipping
size?: $144 + $8 shipping

KD VI Easter

KD VI All Star Illusion:
CrookedTongues: $170 free shipping

KD VI Elite Series Team

KD VI Energy
SNS: $149 + $10 shipping

KD VI Crimson
SNS: $149 + $10 shipping

KD VI Pure Platinum
SNS: $149 + $10 shipping

KD VI Neutral
Nike: $130
FootAction: $130
JimmyJazz: $130

KD VI NSW Gamma Blue
CrookedTongues: $96 Free Shipping
UrbanInsudtry: $93 + $15 Shipping
SNS: $112 + $10 Shipping

KD VI NSW People’s Champ
CrookedTongues: $96 Free Shipping

KD VI NSW 3M Tiger:
UrbanInsustry: $93 + $15 Shipping
SNS: $149 + $10 Shipping


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