July 4th Release Links

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Nike Jordan Retro 6 Low White Infrared

City Gear (In Store Only)
Foot Action
Foot Locker
Jimmy Jazz Mens | GS
Shoe Palace Mens | GS
UBIQ (In Store Only)
International Sites
Nike EU Mens UK | FR | DE | ES | NL | SE
Nike EU GS
Nike CN | JP
5points (delayed)
afew GS
Basketstore GS
Kickz Monaco Mens | GS
Offspring Mens
Sneak Ave Mens (20% off for US customers)
SNS Mens | GS (11 AM EDT)

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 4.46.42 PM
Nike Penny Sharpie Pack

City Gear
Foot Locker
Jimmy Jazz
Shoe Palace
size? ($600 shipped + customs)
UBIQ (july 13th online)
Nike EU

Nike Dunk High Premium SB Familia


Colette x Asics Dotty

WellGosh (in store only)

Epitome x Saucony Righteous One

SNS (8:30 AM EDT)

Atmos x Asics GEl Lyte V Camo

WellGosh (In Store Only)

July 3rd Release Links

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Curry 1 Low Home

Under Armour Mens | GS
Champs Mens | GS
Eastbay Mens | GS
Foot Action Mens | GS
Foot Locker Mens | GS
Finishline Mens | GS

Curry 1 Low Pacific Blue

Under Armour Mens
Champs Mens
Eastbay Mens
Foot Action Mens
Foot Locker Mens
Finishline Mens

Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 5.24.03 AM
Air Force 1 “Lady Liberty”

Nike (10 AM EDT)

LeBron Soldier Sprite

Foot Action
Foot Locker

July 2nd Release Links

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LeBron 12 Low Remix
Lebron 12 Low Remix

Nike EU (Available Now)
Nike US Mens
Champs Mens | GS
Eastbay Mens | GS
Foot Action Mens | GS
Foot Locker Mens | GS
Finishline Mens | GS
Jimmy Jazz Mens | GS

Air Max 95 Independence Day
Air Max 95 Independence Day

City Gear
In Store Only
Extra Butter

Fragment x Nike COurt Ait Trainer 1 Wimbledon White
Fragment x NikeCourt Air Trainer 1 Wimbledon White

Nike EU UK | FR | DE | ES | NL | SE (10 AM CET, 4 AM EDT)

Fragment x Nike Court Air Trainer 1 Wimbledon Chlorophyl
Fragment x NikeCourt Air Trainer 1 Wimbledon Chlorophyll

Nike EU UK | FR | DE | ES | NL | SE (10 AM CET, 4 AM EDT)

Real Vs Fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 350

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There are already sites and auctions up with fake Yeezy Boost 350’s trying to capitalize off the launch. People are already getting taken for a ride. Unlike the 750, differentiating between authentic and fake (aka unauthorized or replica) 350 is quite easy.

To protect yourself follow these simple rules

1 – Never pay via Paypal Gift. Always use a credit card or invoiced transaction.
2 – Demand tagged pictures with handwritten tags.
3 – Request the box and receipt in the photos.
4 – If a seller or site offers 1/2 sizes, they are selling fakes. End of story.

Lastly compare those photos with the chart below to determine authenticity. There are no “alternative” or “variant” pairs. They should ALL look like the real example below.

Real vs fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 comparison

Fake Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 tend to have a white sole and white upper. Compare the heel tab and liner stitching. If they seem to be lighter than the upper, than it is most likely authentic. If the Tab and liner are darker than the upper, it is likely fake. The sole is also a dead giveaway with the fakes having a bright white sole instead of that off white that Yeezys have.

Looking closely, the dots on the heel tab are more square and unevenly spaced on the fakes compared to the real Yeezys. In the square stitching there should be six red dots, no more no less. It’s subtle for sure but good to request a detailed photo to be safe.

The upper differs in more than just color. The pattern should be linear and arc up toward the heel tab. If the lines seem very broken up and in a straight line they are fakes. Finally, and this is harder to tell in photos, the fake primeknit is loose and almost sloppy. The ankle cut is shallow and wavers. Real Yeezy Boost 350’s have a sharp angle and are tight and hold shape.