Shoe Palace x Tupac Collection Review

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Our friends at Shoe Palace surprised us with a beautiful package containing selections from their exclusive Tupac collection. Released alongside the new biopic “All Eyez On Me” and Shakur’s birthday this collection pays homage to one of the greatest rappers and social advocates of his generation.

Now when we say beautiful we mean it. We have always appreciated packaging that accentuates the release. In a magnetic box, trimmed with Shoe Palace x 2Pac ribbon with some of 2Pac’s hits printed on them. The contents were wrapped in a bandanna with a gold safety pin holding it together. To say this package was done well is an understatement. Being a kid from the 90’s and growing up with Tupac in my walkman (yes walkman) the feeling of unwrapping this package reminded me of unwrapping the “Me Against The World” CD when it first dropped. But enough about the dressing, lets get to the contents.

With no idea what was inside, I had seen the collection and had my hopes. Unwrapping like it’s Christmas I was stoked to see the two strap back dad hats included. The Olive 2Pac and Black Cross “Tattoo” are perfect for almost anything in my wardrobe. I’m already putting together outfits for the upcoming week in my head. The hats are well constructed with sturdy stitching. Attention to detail is unparalleled for a hat. The Black Cross hat had the 2Pac logo discreetly stitched in black on black and the SP x 2Pac ribbon branding is all along the inside liner.

Shoe Palace 2Pac Cop shirt and STICKERS!!!!

The pack also included 4 shirts. The shirts are tag less, shoe palace branded 100% cotton with proper washing instructions printed inside. You think that doesn’t matter? Well you probably were raised right and know how to do laundry. For the rest of the world, preserving your clothing is a skill worth learning.

The shirts are soft and heavy weight, not cheap and thin. The shape is boxy “American” like Hanes or Gildan not tapered “European” like H&M or American Apparel. Perfect for layering or those who prefer a loose fit. The print is clean and detailed but not too thick. I hate wearing shirts where I can literally feel the print against my skin.

Tupac’s poetry printed inside the “Olive Cop” shirt

The surprises don’t end here. Each photo shirt had something printed inside as well including excerpts from Shakur’s poems. This collection is full of surprises and really pays proper tribute to the great Tupac Shakur. Do we recommend copping from the Shoe Palace 2pac collection? Hell yeah we do.

Products Featured In This Review

2Pac Olive Dad Hat

2Pac Black Cross Dad Hat

2Pac Cop Olive T

2Pac Prayer Black T

2Pac Old English T

2Pac Rim Maroon T



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