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When searching for replica Jordans, Yeezys, LeBrons etc. there is a sea of sites offering varying products and prices. Some even claim to offer Authentic Yeezys or Jordans. Here’s a quick guide for ordering from replica sites.

Disclaimer: reviews are not a substitute for legal council and only speak from their own experience.

Legality: Keep in mind the manufacturing and sale of items that infringe on copyright is illegal in the United States and internationally. Purchasing counterfeit items does not fall under the same category when in small quantities and for personal use. It is unlikely that anyone will fall under criminal or civil scrutiny for ordering a pair of replicas, however customs has every right to confiscate the items if found entering the US.

However, reselling counterfeit sneakers can land you in a world of trouble. See what happened to Supplied PDX after they were busted by the FBI for making millions by selling replica sneakers.

Quality: Most replica websites order shoes from the same factory. Meaning that in most cases it doesn’t matter where your order from, you’re likely to receive products of the same quality and origin. Recent reports blame the near perfect replica Yeezys on Adidas factory workers making the fakes as well. Check youtube reviews for the kicks you want before ordering to make sure you get what you pay for.

Price: Price varies a lot from site to site. You can cop the same pair of replica kicks for $50 or $200 depending on what site you order from. Shipping and payment fees should be considered as well. One site may offer low prices but high shipping. Another may offer high prices and free shipping. Try to balance all the factors before choosing a site.

Trustworthiness: Rep sites can pop up and disappear overnight. Before ordering, check youtube and search google to find out if others have had a good experience ordering from them. It isn’t impossible to order, pay and never get your products. We tend to pay only by credit card. Paying by credit card allows you to file a claim if you don’t receive the goods, but keep in mind, ordering counterfeit goods, even shoes, is a legal grey area and you might not get your money back even then.

People often ask us what website sells the best replica Jordans? We don’t know simply because there are so many out there, but here are the sites we have ordered from.

Trying to tell the difference between real and fake Jordans? Check out our tutorial and tips or watch our real vs replica comparison videos. Trying to determine if a pair of Yeezys are Fake? Check out your Real Vs Fake Yeezy 350 Turtle Dove and Pirate Black comparisons.

comparison between real and fake Retro 11 Cap and Gown
On several of the unauthorized and fake pairs we noticed the jump man on the sole has a strong outline.


DHgate.comDHgate is a highly reputable B2B company based in China. They have both authentic, unauthorized and replica Jordans. They facilitate multiple sellers (think of it like Amazon for China). Because of their high profile they tend to be more reliable than other sellers and often offer free shipping. You can also find luxury brands such as Balenciaga, Gucci, LV and more.
AliExpress – Formerly AliBaba, Ali Express is a marketplace where many vendors of both real and replica jordan sellers get together. They accept credit card and offer purchase protection, making sure you get the kicks you order.
GoodSeller – Good Seller was one of the first on the scene, but had trouble keeping a site up.
hiphopiop – hiphopiop and their infamous spokesperson “Linda” is one of the most reviewed sites, and tends to have responsive customer support.
JennyNikeShoes – Jenny runs a group of sites and tends to be able to keep their domains up. Quick shipping, decent prices. (aka – RapStyleShoes is a newer site offering reasonable prices but high shipping. WARNING several people have reported being ripped off by repkickslovers/rap001/rapstyleshoes. I would not recommend using them. – Replover aka RepDream is also another highly reviewed site with revolving domain names.
RepSwing – Repswing is a newer rep seller with fast shipping.


61 thoughts on “Replica Site Reviews | The Best Replica Jordans”

    1. Aliexpress is a good site there shoes are fake but you can’t even really tell I bought to pair of retro s 7s for 100$ came within a month

      1. Yeah, there are so many sellers it’s really a gamble as to what you’ll receive, but paying credit card gives you recourse if you ever get the wrong item or if it never arrives. Western Union you’re pretty much screwed if that happens.

        1. Lollll for real … that guy is window shopping loser with too much time on his hands but good call on it he literally is talking about how he buys real version of shoes on a fake website forum page wow ironic

      1. @ Chris. Flight Crew? I think you meant flight club. you dont even know the right seller’s name and you’re claiming that your’e the one’s buying real one’s. why don’t you go shove that real one’s that you’re claiming up your fat ass. you fake motherfucker!!!!!!

      2. STFU Chris, I’ve bought real Jordans and I’m sure these people ahve as well. But unlike your dumbass we’re just gonna get the same shoe for a cheaper price 😂😂

  1. i want the replica sb skunks and jordans but i want them to have the nike and jordan symbols i see alot of the sites have fake jordan symbols or others than nike logos

    1. Keep in mind, both dh and ali don’t allow counterfeit products, so those that sell them photoshop out or change the logos. Check description to see what you’ll really get.

        1. In order to avoid scrutiny a lot of sellers, especially on DH Gate and Aliexpress photoshop out trademarks. The product you get has the logo on them but the photos online do not show them.

      1. I’ve seen Jordan’s on dh with no logos on the shoe whatsoever so wth are you talking about? almost every shoe on there I saw had no logo that’s the fakest of the fake.

    2. I have replica Levi 4 Jordan’s. They look exactly like the real ones except the tag is slightly crooked. Let me know if you’re interested

  2. i think i just got scammed by, i made the payment im i havent heard frome them since that, and i keep sending email with no response

    1. sounds about right. These sites are getting shadier and shadier while Alibaba/Taobao/AliExpress steals their business as the Chinese “Amazon”

    1. We don’t have any specific recommendations. We do suggest always asking for tagged pictures of the product you’ll receive prior to purchasing.

        1. Wasn’t removed, I just rarely get thru the comments awaiting approval and have to sift thru 300+ spam comments to find the 2-3 good ones. 🙂

  3. I have never really bought from an UA Jordan, Replica or whatever they wanna be called. I did buy a pair of Quai54 low 13 2 weeks ago and was truly surprised when they came. Box was crushed bc they ship DHL and it came in a plastic Baggie type thing. I bought the original Quai54 from a friend who lives in Paris.. They only take WU but I would like to find a similar site that may take a Visa/MC. Also had people tell me that a few other UA sites have brought their game up bc of the aliexpress type sites. Kim at perfectkicks will tag to show u r getting what u pay 4.. Just thought I’d share that. ** I do not work nor affiliated with any of the sites mentioned above” have a blessed day..

  4. To Dave and everyone, dhgate may show different symbols but they come with Jordan and Nike symbol. They are the truth too.I ordered my first pair (Jordan 4) on sept,9 from good-box(sellers name) for 47.39 free shipping and received them on the 18th.Fast fast shipping for an over seas purchase. Tuesday I ordered two more pair. Wanna find out how to shop for replicas that look real, shoot me an email at [email protected].

  5. There is also a sight called really good quality replica same as the real ones very cheap prices i couldnt belive it

  6. I just got a black pair and a white pair of Jordan 6’s from kickstore and wanted to leave a review. First off, the shoes weren’t shipped in a box so one of the white pairs toes got dented and the ring on the back got s little bent. Next, the white pair had done tracing left on them from the outline so I scrubbed that off. Lastly,the tongue has white fabric on the inside instead of black. Other than that they’re definitely passable. The black pair had an issue with the rings on the back, as one again they were not shipped in a box, but that was fixed with super glue. Then they also had the tracing, but most significantly the sole is almost purple…can’t do much there. Like the white pair, other than they’re passable. They were $59.99 each so really not too bad for the money, but I gladly GLADLY would’ve paid $90 to $100 a pair if they didn’t have those issues. If anyone knows of a better site post it or shoot me an email.

  7. is the best it comes within 5 days and have a lot of good reviews I heard their shoes are real but they sell them for like 150 so Idc but it’s the best I ordered 5 pairs and a lot of people try to buy them off me it’s actually a good ass website

  8. I would appreciate some site recommendations for Flyknits – cheap but great reproductions. jbryce35@hotmail. com

  9. Trying to find a good reliable replicca website so can someone please let me know what you have used and weather if its safe? Would appreciate it tremendously. Thanks 🙂

  10. I just bought a couple from jennynikeshoes. At the very least they are responsive, one of the pairs I ordered was out of stock and they emailed me within the hour to choose a different pair (did not offer refund, but I didn’t ask for one and would have just ordered a different pair left to my own devices anyway). So, at the very least I know they are in the process of filling the order. I’ll let you guys know what I think when I get the them.

  11. I’m very much interested on buying a pair or several pairs of Prada levitate shoes ..will you be able to get this specific model for me


  13. Can someone recommend a good site to use to buy shoes and if they have other things( purse, sun glasses and jewelry) thats a plus too. Thanks!!

  14. Just bought a pair of 1:1 yeezy season 2 crepe boot from , the quality is surprisingly awesome although it’s not a real pair.

  15. I’m looking to buy 200-300 pair of good quality looking knock off jordans for a cheap price.. Can someone refer me to a good reliable site

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