Retro 9 Doernbecher Replica Review

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Air Jordan Retro 9 “Doernbecher” (White / Metalic Gold / Black) from

In 2012 we saw a lot of Retro 9 releases, but the most sought after colorway by far was the Doernbecher. Every year, nike releases the Freestyle Doernbecher line of shoes, that always contains a new unique Retro Jordan in a colorway designed by children of the Doernbecher hospital. Often creative, and always limited, no one expected such an elegant design as Oswaldo Jimenez’s “Pollito”

  • Quality: Replica 3.5/5
  • Appearance: 4.5/5
  • Comfort : 3.5/5
  • The Good: Dimensions and size are perfect, detail is amazing.
  • The Bad: Strange “nail polish” smell. lighter materials, some missed stitching.
  • The Ugly: Sole missing red and green color, one jumpman on sole reversed..


Conclusion: Hiphopiop (aka hiphopvp, hiphopxp, and a million other shady names) has been a favorite for copthesekicks due to their studio photos and quick stocking of rare colorways. When I saw a Doernbecher 9, I was doubtful. Theres just too much detail in these shoes, and I expected to receive a dumpster fire instead of a proper colorway. I was wrong

For once, the pachage arrived in good shape, and the shoes were spot on. Every mark, every font, everything exceeds expectation for a replica. Description doesn’t do it justice so I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves. Put next to my retail Kilroys, size and shape are identical. Weight and materials however are not. The replicas are much lighter, and on the foot offer almost no support compared to the real deal. The only reason I scored them so low on quality is I have a feeling I’ll break my ankle if I tried to ball in these. Leave them off the court and tread lightly. They also smelled strongly of whatever finishing product they used, a bit offputting and it took days to go away.

The stitching isn’t on point but it isn’t bad either, and the gold doesn’t pop like it should, just a little dull. Major flaws were limited to one of the jump man logos on the sole is reversed (left foot) and the bottom of the sole is white and icy blue, where it should be Green and Red. Not noticable when walking around, but I suspect people would want to get a close look at a pair of Doernbecher’s so wear with caution.


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