Air Jordan Retro 6 VI Varsity Red

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Air Jordan Retro 6 Varsity Reds from


  • Quality: Replicas 4.5/5
  • Appearance: 4/5
  • Comfort : 4/5
  • The Good: Excellent stitching, High grade materials. Stiff heel, tight tongue snap, nice lace locks
  • The Bad: Messy glue and misaligned jumpman on heel.
  • The Ugly: Almost perfect except for the Jumpman logo (should be all black)

Conclusion: The detail level was a mix bag. Box was mashed, but the Retro Card was included. The stitching is near perfect and materials are nice, tongue snap is perfect and tight, ¬†however messy glue job on the air window and the jumpman logo on the right shoe was not centered. To be honest, if the heel logo wasn’t so off, I’d have believed these were just b-stocks. Fairly comfortable to wear, but don’t expect any compliments once they catch a glance at the heel. With minor work and touch-ups, these could easily pass.



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