Retro 6 Slam Dunk Real vs Fake

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As pointed out in a tweet by Mic Nice, fake Slam Dunks are hitting the ebay and twitter market already.

Generally above expected retail by 10-20%, prices are still “too good to be true” for early pairs. While that should be a red flag, with fakes that are nearly as good as the real thing people are still getting sucked in and scammed.

The fake Retro 6 is notoriously good (or bad depending on how you look at it) being so close that even in hand, an untrained eye might not be able to tell the difference between the real deal and a replica.


Cop These Kicks has always recommended people steer clear of “early release” Jordans due to the high likelihood of them being fake or unauthorized unless purchased from oversees authorized retailers such as END, SNS or afew. If you have your heart set on picking these up early, we have been combing the internet for confirmed fake photos to compare to Nike’s release photos and have found a few subtle differences that will hopefully help you out.

Check the placement of the 3M marks on the heel, Patterns should be sharp and even. 3M should start just below the heel tab. The fabric on the back should be soft and tight, not slick and puffy.
Lace and tongue material color should match and be slightly darker than the upper. 3M text should not contact the seams. Vent holes should be large and spaced out, not clustered.
fake unauthorized replica authentic Air Jordan Retro 6 Slam Dunk Pack
Tongue should be white not silver. Heel tab should be fairly opaque and icy. Not clear and icy or too blue.
fake unauthorized replica authentic Air Jordan Retro 6 Slam Dunk Pack
Box should NOT be missing or the normal cement Retro 6 Box. Should have graphics on it similar to the 3M on the upper.

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