All-Star Weekend Restock Rumors

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Along with new packs from Nike, Jordan and Adidas, All-Star Weekend will supposedly hold plenty of restocks from 2013’s highest demand Jordans.


With no confirmation for the restock, we haven’t bothered reporting the story, but with the All Star Pack dropping tomorrow it might be worth keeping your eyes open. These big rumors usually have some truth to them.

They were likely spurred by lingering Retro Jordans sitting in the Foot Locker online store, altho this is usually due to returns getting resold rather than a imminent restock. Allso possible that these restocks will be in store only for New Orleans retail locations, but no word from official twitter accounts that usually post the restocks even when in store only.

Link to retro stock
Link for retro stock
Link for retro stock

We will keep you updated if any news breaks on our website, our Facebook and on Twitter.

**UPDATE** The Weekend has come and gone with no online restocks. Bad news for those really hoping to cop the Bel Air 5s or Gamma 12s, but good news for those in New Orleans where City Gear restocked these kicks at their Oakwood Mall location.

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