Adidas ZX Flux Prism Restock

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UPDATE 4/10: Adidas has pushed the restock back to next week.

According to the Adidas website, the ZX Flux Prism will be restocking Thursday April 10th. The Flux Prism was part of the Photo Print Pack released March 29.

Adidas ZX Flux Prism Restock

Rumors started about a Prism restock a week ago, but there was no confirmation from adidas. Now their european websites has a Coming Soon banner over the ZX Flux Prism.


Other international sites like the Adidas Ireland site, still has the Flux Prism in stock. No word yet if this restock is for the EU site only, or if it will be available in the US as well. If you were hoping to cop a pair on one of their EU sites and have it shipped to the US, you’re out of luck. Each site for each country only delivers within that country.

Adidas Flux ZX Prism Restock
That green banner says “coming soon”… we promise…

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