Premier x Saucony “WORK/PLAY” Pack

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Saucony and Premier know that it’s important for you to be yourself at all times. The Premier x Saucony WORK/PLAY Pack presents you with the perfect balance of style and comfort whether you’re making the case to your boss for that well deserved raise or at the bar with your people.

Premier x Saucony Work/Play Pack Link


With only 600 total packs produced, this is going to be a very limited release and hard to get ahold of. The Jazz Court looks sharp enough for the office or a first date. It’s modern look, with an underlaid reflective paneling, comfort and breathability make it evident that these are not your father’s work shoes. The premium leather heel, sockliner and suede upper add some class to make sure you’re looking polished and professional.


After work throw on some joggers and blow off some steam in the Shadow Master. In Black, Grey and Seafoam this more casual shoe also offers a premium leather sockliner and reflective paneling. Custom Premier branding is located on the tongue and mid panel.


The pack will include a corrugated briefcase shoebox complete with printed branded combination lock and handle for easy transport.  Also included are a WORK/PLAY branded pen and notepad for work or taking down numbers and coaster for happy hour. Packs purchased in store and online will include the limited edition box, pen, notepad and coaster.


The Premier x Saucony Work/Play Pack will release Saturday July 25th at 9 AM Eastern in store and 11 AM online. Available exclusively at Premier for $240 and is only available as a pack.

EARLY LINK – Premier (11 AM EDT)

Premier x Saucony – Work Play Pack from Premier Skateboarding on Vimeo.


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