LeBron 12 Sprite “LeBron’s Mix”

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LeBron James has turned his name into a multi-national brand and is the NBA’s superstar. A powerhouse that carries the ability to sell anything, including soda. To celebrate his collaboration with Sprite, 100 LeBron’s Mix packs were made and sent to an exclusive few. This included 3 cans of Sprite, a signature pair of wireless Beats and a Nike Basketball LeBron 12 in colors to match the Sprite cans.

Nike LeBron 12 Sprite LeBrons Mix

The pack came with a signed card stating the rarity of the pack. If you’re thinking you’ll have to dish out thousands to cop this signature colorway, you’d be wrong. The LeBron 12 “LeBron’s Mix” isn’t as rare as you thought because you can actually grab a pair at Nike, altho no one is advertising it. The Sprite itself is evenĀ fetching a pretty penny and the beats? Well good luck even finding a pair.


I’m certain that the LeBron 12 LeBron’s Mix colorway, like the soda, will be gone soon to never return. Our hope is this cross collaboration will lead to more great things for rabid consumers to buy which would distinguish King James from Kanye in a very tangible way.

LeBron 12 “LeBron’s Mix
Sprite LeBron’s Mix – cans | bottles

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