Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II Release

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The Converse Chuck Taylor is almost a century old now and for those of us who love the iconic Chucks, they sure feel like they’re 100 years old. Every pair of chucks has needed a real beating to go from blistering to comfortable and even then they weren’t easy on the soles if you had to walk around too much. Now, finally, Converse has updated their classic for the 21st century.

Nike’s purchase of the Converse brand in in 2003 hasn’t really moved their design forward. That hoard of cash and legion of R&D nerds at Nike have finally turned their attention to the Chuck Taylor All Star and given it a much needed upgrade.


The Chuck Taylor All-Star II main feature is the inclusion of Nike’s “lunarlon” cushioning. Gone is the rubber waffle with flimsy insert, and instead you’re walking on the moon. But there are other upgrades too including a padded non-slip tongue (no more lace stress) and a micro suede lining.

Screen Shot 2015-07-28 at 4.21.13 PM

We’re unsure if the introduction of the Chuck Taylor II means the end of the original, but now you can finally slip on a pair of Chucks without the fear of the dreaded break in period.

The Converse Chuck Taylor All Star II drops today and is already available at Converse and Ubiq.

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