#AllYeezysAreFake Alert… Don’t let these clowns get your money on the V2 release…

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So Jenny is out there in full force and so are her soulless minions. If you check eBay, Twitter, craigslist etc you’l see lots and lots of Yeezy V2 Beluga’s at rather reasonable prices. In order to keep you safe from spending a ton of bread on fakes, we’ll run through the scams. Here’s what’s happening…

They use this picture….

Then send you these shoes.

Suddenly $400-600 for some Yeezys doesn’t seem like a great deal anymore.


  • Anyone selling yeezys PERIOD. Do your homework every time!
  • “DM” only, or “Offer Up” sales on Facebook and Twitter. Keeping it private means no one knows who else is grabbing a pair. One stolen confirmed photo can sell 100 fake Yeezys this way.
  • Anyone who won’t “meet up” on craigslist or twitter to let you inspect the shoes.
  • ANY pairs they have “in hand” before release date.
  • Anyone on eBay who accepts a lower offer. They’re not getting low balled, you’re getting fakes.
  • Anyone who says “I’ll charge less if we do this outside of eBay”
  • Fake invoices/payments… an oldie but a goodie.

Honestly the only way you can be safe buying yeezys is to get them from a retailer, but if you have to go secondary market go with Flight Club, and if you buy privately pay with pay pal invoiced to protect yourself from fraud.

Find someone scamming? Have some more tips? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on twitter for a retweet.

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