Saucony Scoops Pack G9 Mint Chocolate Chip Links

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Last year it was sweet treats from Saucony with the Cavity Pack. This year we get a nod to every kids favorite summertime snack, ice cream! The release starts tonight for Europe and we will gather all the details and links we can to help you get a jump on Summer.

Direct links are in bold.

Saucony Scoops G9 Mint Chocolate Chip

Saucony G9 Scoops: Mint Chocolate Chip
Saucony – (available NOW)
43einhalb – (sold out)
afew sold out
allike – May 1st 7 PM EDT/May 2nd Midnight CET
aphrodite – (available NOW)
ashpaltgold (May 1st 6 PM EDT)
chimp – (sold out)
mate – (May 2nd Midnight EDT)
overkill – (unknown time)
UI – (sold out)
upper club
WellGosh –  Sold out

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