How to Jailbreak and Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick – Tutorial

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So you have an Amazon Fire Stick but still want a more customizable layout and access to hundreds of free streaming apps? Don’t we all. Transforming your Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick into a multimedia monster doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult, so lets make it real easy for you. Here is our tutorial on how to jailbreak an Amazon Firestick and install Kodi without rooting or side loading.

This method does not require a computer to jailbreak the Amazon Fire TV Stick. You can use your computer to install Kodi on a Fire Stick by side-loading the app.

Disclaimer: A Kodi build on a Amazon Fire Stick can give you access to tons of legal content but also to illegal live TV and movie streams. CTK does not condone or promote illegal actions, so, hey, just be responsible and whatnot. If you get into the illegal content, fry your products, quit your job from an HBO addiction, that’s on you.

Now this should be relatively painless process but if you have hiccups or questions feel free to hit us up on twitter.

OK, with that out of the way, lets get hacking!

Step 1: Buy an Amazon Fire Stick or Fire TV.
Step 2: Set it up normally using your Amazon account.
Step 3: Enable Debugging and disable App reporting.
Go to Settings, Then Device, Then Developer Options. Turn on ADB Debugging and Unknown Sources

Tutorial – How To Install Kodi on the Amazon Fire Stick

Go to your Amazon Fire Settings
Go to your Amazon Fire Settings

Select System, then Developer Options
Select Device (or System on older Firesticks), then Developer Options
Enable ADB Debugging and Unknown Apps
Enable ADB Debugging and Unknown Apps
Go to Application Settings and TURN OFF COLLECT APP DATA. No one need know what you do
Go to Application Settings and TURN OFF COLLECT APP DATA. No one need know what you do

Good job, easy enough right? Now lets get this handy App called ES Explorer

Go to the Amazon App Store and search for ES File Explorer then download it.
Go to the Amazon App Store and search for ES File Explorer then download it.

It’s a free App that makes all this magic possible. Once you’ve downloaded it launch the app. Time to get AppStarter which makes installing and launching Kodi a simple process. (Amazon has force uninstalled FireStarter in Fire OS 5.0.5 and higher. AppStarter gets around the app blacklist.

In the ES File Explorer, on the left go to Favorite, then down to "+ ADD"
In the ES File Explorer, on the left go to Favorite, then down to “+ ADD”

In the “Path” field type under “Name” put appstarter then select Add. It should say “bookmark added” or some such verbiage. Now we need to install appstarter.

Find your newly created bookmark on the left and click it. Instillation should begin
Find your newly created bookmark on the left and click it. Download should begin

After download is complete, click “Open File” then click on the AppStarter api android icon. It should install relatively quickly. Now it’s time to install Kodi.

Install Kodi by going to updates in the left side of "Fire Starter" and select Update To Latest Version.
Install Kodi by going to updates in the left side of “App Starter” and select Update To Latest Version.
Well, there you go. It’s Kodi time! I recommend installing Fusion for Kodi (fusion has been closed) Smash Repo to make finding and adding apps a breeze.

Now you can install the USTVNOW App, or you know, other fantastic Apps, which apps? There’s almost everything under the sun out there. Live TV, movies, classic shows, everything you need to binge watch your butt off. Looking for unlimited access to sports and pay-per-view fights? It’s out there! Or just go with a pre configured Kodi build that basically does all the work for you.

206 thoughts on “How to Jailbreak and Install Kodi on Amazon Fire Stick – Tutorial”

  1. I am trying to install modi, but when I click firestarter’ I get a screen that says webpage not available. need help

      1. I followed your instructions and also “Jarvis”‘s instruction for installing Jodi/exodus add-on and I’m currently enjoying NEW MOVIES on my Firestone FREE!!!
        Sending lotsa love and appreciation for your kind offer of instruction
        THANX 😊 Gia, Long Island NY

        1. What type of android device is needed to purchase so I can jailbreak the 2017 Alexa fire stick??????
          Everything I have is iOS. (Phone & iPad)

          Please help. All I want to know is the android device.

      2. I keep getting failed to install from zip file when I try to install kodinolimits. This is so frustrating. Is there anything else I can try to get this program working? I’ve been at this for over 3 hrs trying to figure it out. Help!

    1. Did you ever figure your problems out? I’m wondering if I should also invest in an Amazon Firestick and jailbreak it

      1. That’s what I did. Too good to be true, unless you have an android phone or tablet

        I hand apple phone and iPad. I have a smart tv. Do you know what android device I need to purchase? Thank you in advance. I’ve trying to figure this out for the last 4 days.

    1. Go on top tutorials videos get his zip go to repos and find ares wizard something like that open and there you can find multiple builds top ts is pretty good

      1. I have a Fire stick and have ordered a Kodi system which should arrive soon. Can I just jailbreak the Fire Stick before adding the Kodi system? Do I follow the same instructions if I preload the Fire Stick? Thanks for your help.

  2. New to FireStick and Kodi. Should I used a throw away Amazon account to setup and install Kodi or will my personal account be ok?

  3. I purchased a firestick from amazon, which had kodi on it. I restarted my f. stick and lost all my data . I was informed by amzon,that they put some type of block ,so kodi want install. Ive tried your methed, and others , but nothing seem to work. Is their any advise you could give me
    thank you…..

  4. I’ve followed the steps and added Jodi but when I try to go to the add on installer and install it says add on installer installation failed

          1. I just got app starter to load and i’ve clicked open file, but now what do I do? It won’t let me click on the icon

      1. ‘I am trying to jailbreak my firestick and i can’t see es explorer either when i try do it on the pc it doesn’t allow me to do it for the firestick only for my android device.

  5. It appears that you can’t get the Es file explorer even with a computer onto the firestick. Anything else we can try? Or is all the free tv over?

  6. I’m trying to jailbreak my Firestick, but Es explorer isn’t coming up and I don’t have a computer I can use, is there any other way o can jail break it ?

  7. This fire stick is the next best thing to ice cream. I’m loving it. I hope it doesn’t stop. I’m seeing movies that are in the theater. I have already down graded my cable.
    Thanks Ebay.

  8. I tried to download app starter form both links and it isn’t working for me I get a 404 message.. Am I doing something wrong?

  9. I followed the instructions for downloading kodi for amazon firestick.But when I get to the app and click on ARM it isn’t doing anything. What did I do wrong?

    1. I had that issue too on one of my jailbreaks and had to side load it. Might want to try that if you have a computer at home.

  10. I want to order this firestick but i want to know the difference between jailbreak and firestick and will it pick up station like 5-2-11 news

  11. i have tried so many times to load my firestick it always to last stage then i can’t find what they are saying like for instance the iptv apps isn’t on video addons. they also say my prv client is lost!i’ve been trying for weeks

  12. When I download ES Explorer and hit get I get a message that it cannot complete my order because I do not have a valid payment order
    Do I need to update my payment billing address to download ES Explorer?

  13. I’m getting ready to purchase the Amazon Fire Stick, and jailbreak it myself, because people are trying to charge anywhere from $95-$150 for one already set up. The one for $150 is from a friend that he can get from his buddy…he has already had one for a few months now himself, and everything works great. The one for $95 is from a reputable online site. I can also purchase one, and have another friend get a 13 year old girl to set it up for me (I’d offer her $20), but I don’t know if I can buy the Amazon one that I want, or if I’ve gotta get a different/specific brand…plus, I don’t know how reliable this friend will be. I guess what I want is suggestions on what decision I should make? I’m not a moron, but aren’t a technical genius, either! Lol! I’m wanting to get one like yesterday, but want to make the BEST choice…have PTSD, so things like that could get my anxiety going! I have faith in myself, but still can’t choose what to do! Ugh!

    1. It’s totally fine to do it yourself. It’s really easy honestly. The run of the mill Amazon Fire TV or Fire Stick will work so save yourself some cash. If you run into any hiccups or have questions, hit us up on twitter, we’ll be happy to help out.

  14. I already have a jail broken firestick..
    Brought it this way. When first using it it did everything. Even watched movies in theatres. I put it up for awhile and brought it back out…hooked it up…and certain functions aren’t working anymore. It will not let me open category “movies in theatres” my favorite. I can’t search movies, or open movie by theme. It will let me stream category “latest movies” “academy award movies” and things of that such. But the movies are not the latest movies. Its almost as if it needs to be upgraded. What do I do???

  15. Is there anything I need to do…want all the options I had before.
    Kodi is already downloaded. Options are available…just need to know how to open every category so I can enjoy all my options…especially “movies in theatres”….. Please help….I’m a movie fiend. Sincerely, noel mays.
    I have exodus if that helps

    1. as long as your keeping your version of Kodi up to date you shouldn’t lose any features on Exodus, but since you bought a pre-built Fire Stick, it’s impossible to know what they set it up with.

  16. So can you tell me why the catalog “movies in theatres” won’t open or why it won’t allow me to search movies. And do you have any idea how I might check if my firestick is up to date. When I plugged it in, I did see a lot of apps updating. I just need to know what I might need to do to open all catologs, and search movies. Please advice

      1. I followed the tutorial and got all the way through step 11 with no problems. I get to step 12 and there is nothing in the file. Help please!

  17. Lost the remote to the Amazon Fire box had a friend download the new version of kodi and now it’s up and running but can’t get it connected to the Internet. Borrowed someone else’s remote but didn’t work any ideas?

  18. People are saying their sticks aren’t working anymore. Is that because they have firestarter not appstarter? I want to buy a fire stick but only if I can jailbreak it.

    1. even if they had firestarter, Kodi should still load, just not update automatically anymore. All of mine still work like a charm

  19. I need some help. I’ve followed the instructions and installed kodi and fusion. But when I try to own up an app to watch movies, NFL, anything it just gives me a red circle with an / through it and won’t open up.

  20. I forgot to turn off “collect data usage” before I started. Noticed that I missed it after kodi was installed. I turned it off as soon as I noticed. Will this cause any problems? Is big brother going to hunt me down? Lol.

    1. I’ve never seen a firestick without that option and I’ve jailbroken dozens. Maybe try reformatting the firestick if it’s not there.

      1. I’m having the same problem. I can’t get the system option under settings anymore, even though it was once there. when you say “try reformatting the firestick” are you referring to doing a factory reset, because I have done that a couple of times now and it has had no effect on restoring the system option.

  21. Can some please help me! I bought my fire stick last week and have seen every video out there and I still can’t install the addon that allows you watch free movies and shows. It’s the section where you go to kodi to install zip file. The error that I get states that unable to install. Some please tell me what I’m doing wrong

  22. I try too open app starter and it says installation blocked your phone is set to block apps obtained from unknown sources. What do I do? There is cancel and settings, when I go to settings it kicks me back to the previous page.

  23. I tried to install Kodi , but when I get to the part that says to go past Krypton to Jarvis , I don’t have one that says Jarvis.

  24. I downloaded the ES explorer and followed the path/name steps, but when I click on ‘appstarter’ nothing happens. How do I download it from there?

  25. I have a fire stick with kodi it worked fine but today I turned it on and it’s asking me to log o to amazon or create an account ….. what do I do ?????

  26. I put in the http…
    Then the name: appstater
    As instructed…
    It says something ..not bookmark added..but something that sounded successful…
    But when I go to the left to look for bookmark …fire…it is not there ???

  27. I get to the part at the end where I am supposed to load add on installer it brings me to install but will not install . It also will not let me go down one to enable. Can help me install/ enable it ? Thank you.

  28. I accedentially uninstalled my kodi app and used your instructions to reinstall it. The good news is that I have the newer version. The bad news is I don’t have access to any movies (wookie is gone 😭). How do i get them back?

  29. I tried to jailbreak my firestick but after it said I successfully jail broke my firestick it says PRV client not found. What. An I do now?

    1. YES!! I am having the same problem. I have tried 2 different methods to install Kodi and keep getting a problem parsing the package error.

  30. I was trying to add Kodi on my firestick and everything was going well until stated that I need to unlock my theme. So how do I unlock my theme.

  31. Can someone help me from beginning to start. I am older and don’t know how to do all of this. I just purchased the NEW amazon fire stick on 4-6-17 with voice activation.

    1. you have to go into fusion and get the add-on installer, then you’ll have access to tons of new apps for Kodi.

    1. Glad you got it working. It’s much easier in many ways to side load. Really anyone with a computer and any confidence in their tech skills should go that route.

    1. It’ll work with any generation, but I recommend the “New Firestick” or a Fire TV, their faster processors make the whole thing a lot snappier.

  32. I got kodi loaded but I can’t get exodus to load when I try to understand zip it there isn’t anything in the file

  33. Don’t know much about these but recently got firestick and put kodi on it but can’t get fusion. I heard the server is down. Also have Sony tv with built in android tv. Wanting to stream live tv and movies can you help

  34. I’m trying to download a movie to watch and I get the error message “Openload Stream Authorization”.. authorization is required and to visit a link to authorize?

    1. Yes, some streams require captcha to make sure bots aren’t restreaming their media. Openload is one of them.

  35. PLEASE HELP!!!
    I’m not a computer or tech person at all, so let me see if I have this right because I’m kinda confused:
    1. Buy the fire stick. 2. Plug it into my laptop and then install the fire stick. 3. Install the Kodi using the instructions you guys provided. 4. When I’m done with installations, I can take the fire stick off my laptop and then just plug it into my television?????
    I don’t have cable, just internet service now. Do I have to get or do anything to my television in order to use the fire stick? I just don’t want to buy the fire stick and end up having to get additional stuff later.
    Thank you ahead of time for any replies.

    1. You plug the Fire Stick into your TV and connect it to your home network. From there you can use the instructions to install Kodi either directly or wirelessly from your computer.

  36. We just received a new fire stick today and I am being told it is different than it was a few weeks ago. We downloaded Kodi but do not know what to do next. Any suggestions would be great.

  37. I’m trying to download a movie to watch and I get the error message “Openload Stream Authorization”.. authorization is required and to visit a link to authorize? why its coming

    1. I use USTVNOW for the basic channels for free, they won’t be your local ones because that’d require someone in your town streaming them which is very very unlikely. For NFL games there are plenty of IPTV options available, I’d google reviews to find the best one.

  38. I followed all the steps and when I was supposed to click on “appstarter” it takes me to a web page that says “Sorry the page you were looking for does not exist or is not available. We performed a web search for “FSB XP” and here’s what we found. And it’s a bunch of random stuff

  39. I’ve got Kodi installed and I’m using Exodus but, my shows sometime get “Stuck” Grrr. I can hear the Audio but the picture either stutters or just stays on the same scene. Can anyone help??

  40. when i try to update to latest version to get kodi, it says no newer version found. when i go back it says kodi not installed…. Please help.

  41. my tv will not allow appstarter to download. I have Samsung. It says installation blocked. for security , your TV is set to block installation of apps, obtained from unknown sources.

  42. I have downloaded Kodi to my firestick when i try to addon i get a message “not connected to server” i have checked connection many times and get the same message every time. Any way to fix that?

    1. Pop the batteries out and pop them back in, I have to do that all the time. You can also try using the Fire TV app on your phone to see if your remote has gone bad. They’re notoriously lousy.

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