Review: Green Camo Foamposite Pro

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Nike Foamposite Pro from

  • Quality: Fake 4/5
  • Appearance: 3.5/5
  • Comfort : 5/5
  • The Good: Stiffer material for foamposite replica. No glue marks. Toebox shape.
  • The Bad: None.
  • The Ugly: Color is a little light, camo pattern doesn’t align on heel, no carbon fiber

Conclusion: seems to be on the ball when it comes to both shipping and quality. I’ve ordered a few foamposite replicas in the past. The material is usually squishy, heel is straight and not pear shaped, and they are usually uncomfortable. The differences aside (camo pattern and color) these look just like the early samples.

While not perfect in heel shape, it’s a lot closer. Just like with the Kobe YOTS I reviewed, it seems they’re paying attention to the details. The carbon fiber is just hard plastic, no texture but buseats clear carbon fiber fix would give it the right texture.

Probably the strangest part is the comfort. I have a few pair of authentic Foam Pros and these are much more comfortable. I could rock these all day. Feels like the foamposite is hugging me feet. Not sure how they’d stand up while balling, but they’re pretty solid. Sole isn’t weak and flexible like a lot of replicas, and the construction seems sound.

The colorway is way off the mark. Almost copper looking. It hardly resembles it’s authentic counterpart.


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