Donations… what and why.

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Here at cop these kicks we try to keep the sneaker community free. We don’t sell Bots, RSVPs or Early Link, we just want to see the community grow and support like-minded sites and individuals dedicated to helping others.

Since paying developers is expensive, and our ads don’t even cover the cost of hosting and  advertising (yeah thats how you found us on Facebook/Twitter) we are asking for donations to help offset the costs.

YOUR DONATIONS HELP KEEP OUR AUCTIONS FEE FREE Our attempt to set the sneaker community free from eBay’s 14% fees can’t happen without your donations.

If you feel like our auction site, links, alerts, and tweets helped you, please consider donating.

We want to thank you, even if you don’t donate, for taking the time to consider the sneakerhead community and for making Cop These Kicks part of the best hobby (addiction) in the world.



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