Reverse SBB’s, Yeezy Cleats and the death of the NMD’s

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This week on Talk Kicks, we discussed the buzz around the NFL. No, not players standing, or not standing, or kneeling during or whatever the National Anthem, we’re talking about sneakers.


Dez Bryant, a contracted Jordan Brand endorser, flexed his latest Jordan gift pack which included the Retro 1 Reverse Shattered Backboard, Cyber Monday Retro 3’s and more. While the Jumpman has been endorsing NFL athletes for a long time, Yeezy was not going to get left out.


Other Superstars such as Von MillerDeandre Hopkins and Adrian Peterson received special care packages of their own. Adidas has retro fitted the Yeezy 750 and 350 with cleats. Despite my personal skepticism they held up on the field. Its unconfirmed if cleats will be part of Kanye West’s new Yeezy sportswear line set to release this year.

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Meanwhile, Adidas’s other superstar sneaker, the NMD continues to see weekly releases in several colorways. While burnout seems to be inevitable, two colorways inspire hope in the hearts of hype beasts. The Triple Black and Solar Red NMD_R1 are overdue for release and may be the kick needed to re-spark genuine interest in the silhouette.


Finally the aftermath of the Banned Retro 1 release turns out to be… a bunch of folks who didn’t cop a pair still struggling to get theirs. While Jordan will likely mass produce their Retro 11 Space Jam it’s doubtable that the hype will topple the Banned 1 as the Jordan of the Year. Of course regardless of hype, China’s market will continue to flourish and likely leave many with empty pockets and fake shoes. Once again we caution against buying any “early pairs” or “guaranteed preorders” because you’ll just get fakes at twice the price of retail.

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