Review – Jameson Ward Shoe Cleaner

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Keeping your kicks clean and fresh is hard work for every sneakerhead. Everyone knows the staple brands like  Jason Markk, Crep and Reshoevn8r. We were contacted by Jameson Ward who aims to offer something different. An eco friendly, affordable cleaning solution for the sneakerhead who plans on wearing their shoes more than once.

We received a bottle of Jameson Ward to clean some of our households dirtiest beaters and here’s what we found.

Jameson Ward Vs Nasty NMD’s
We used a Micro Fiber Cleaning Cloth and paper towels on the mesh upper. A nylon cleaning brush on the boost sole. Jameson Ward was applied directly on the upper. Using a circular wiping motion focusing on the most soiled areas and pat drying we were able to clean the gunky car crud and Bourbon Street whatsit right off with results better than we received with Jason Markk.


On the Boost sole, we got reasonably good results, altho when used properly a handheld steam cleaner can save time and money while dislodging gunk out of crevasses.

A before and after look at cleaning Adidas Boost with Jameson Ward Sneaker Cleaner

Jameson Ward VS Saucony Suede
One of our favorite kicks is the Saucony Shadow Original, and of those the Cavity Pack colorway takes the cake… no pun intended. These kicks have received years of abuse and neglect in cleaning so how did Jameson Ward hold up?

Here’s a look at the before and after cleaning of a Saucony Shadow Original midsole.


On the sole we applied Jameson Ward directly to the pours midsole and scrubbed with the nylon brush being careful not to scuff the suede. The results were excellent given the wear and age of the shoes. The suede itself is a tougher customer. Even after a few go’s the stains remain. It’ll likely take a special suede brush to get these guys clean.

Jameson Ward Vs Blake Griffin
Our Retro 1 Blake Griffin PE’s received some abuse on the 4th of July setting off fireworks but ruining kicks. We took some cleaner and sprayed directly to the heel and lightly used the nylon brush to remove the caked mud. On the sides we applied Jameson Ward on a paper towel and took even strokes with the pattern. Even the jump man logo came out clean, altho slightly scuffed from the nylon brush. On the soles we applied Jameson ward to a nylon brush and scrubbed horizontally making sure not to brush the upper.


Restored shoe on the left, DS pair on the right.
Restored shoe on the left, DS pair on the right.

Jameson Ward was gentle enough that the cheap leather wasn’t damaged, so I feel safe using this on practically anything.

Conclusion – jameson Ward lives up to it’s claims to produce a premium cleaning product at a lower price. This is welcome news, especially since we’d prefer to support small businesses and as everyone knows, we love saving a few bucks.

We asked the creator of Jameson Ward a few questions about his inspiration behind the product and his charity “Kid Helping Kids”

CTK: With a number of other companies already established, what made you decide to get into the shoe cleaner business?
JW: [As] you know brands like Crep Protect and Jason Markk have done the same and made millions off it. The thing about those two brand is both are relatively pricey… I thought if I could make a cleaner as good, if not better than theirs and sell it for a much cheaper price people would look to buy my brand rather than spend a bunch of money for big name brands

CTK: What sets Jameson Ward apart from the competition
JW: The amount of sneaker cleaner you get in a bottle and the price of the cleaner which is much more reasonable than the competition

CTK: Tell me a little about the process of finding the perfect formula for your cleaner
JW: It was a very long process to find the perfect formula. [We] started in February of 2016 and from there went through around 4-5 different samples. Of the samples the third sample was the choice. This process took a lot of trial and error until sample #3 became the final product.
CTK: You mention that you use safe, and natural ingredients to create a biodegradable formula. Is environmental conservation important to you?
JW: I think that environmental conservation should be important to everyone. All companies should be using biodegradable products.
CTK: Everyone knows Massachusetts is the birthplace of the American sneaker industry, did you grow up in the sneaker culture?
JW: I wouldn’t say I grew up I the sneaker culture but I have loved shoes since 2012. Christmas 2012 was when I got my first two pairs of Jordan’s, the Thunder 4s and the Bred 11 retros which I cherished until I grew out of them. From that point on my collection has steadily been growing and sneaker trends have continuously been changing. Now I cherish my Yeezy collection.
CTK: Tell me a little about the inspiration behind “Kid Helping Kids”
JW: My inspiration to “kids helping kids” is my good friend who was born with Type 1 diabetes. It would be nice to be able to put money aside for donating to foundations for kids like my buddy.

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