Real Vs Fake Jordan Retro 9 Kilroy

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Air Jordan Retro 9 “Kilroy” from

  • Quality: Replica 5/5
  • Appearance: 5/5
  • Comfort : 3.5/5
  • The Good: Nearly identical to the Authentics, straight cuts.
  • The Bad: Leather too thick, Some poor stitching, crooked tongue tag.
  • The Ugly: Reverse heel Jumpman, Font on tongue and insole, chubby jumpman on sole.

For “How to spot a fake kilroy” check out the video.

Conclusion: The first few attempts at the Retro 9 Kilroy ended up looking downright fake, almost like they weren’t trying. We saw review after review on youtube, meanwhile the Retro 9 Kilroy enjoyed a record 7 restocks. Cop These Kicks has been getting a lot of requests to review a “Fake Kilroy” so we finally did.

This was our first order from I think by now it’s obvious they’re using the same factory as hiphopiop but I will say, their customer service is slightly better and the package arrived in perfect shape, not beat and bent.

The shoe itself did have a “glue smell” that will give you a headache, but i have to say thats the worst of it. They’ve really improved the Kilroy, next to perfect. It stands up against our retail pickup in almost every way. The most disappointing flaw for me is the tongue. Too thick, wrong font, doesn’t pop like it should. This is realitively minor tho compared to most replica issues.


The “platinum” leather is too thick, and it’s noticeable next to the authentic pair. Seams bulge a little, makes the tongue puffy, however, stand alone, you wouldn’t notice it. Like most replica 9’s it has the reversed jumpman on the heel. This is a throwback to all Retro 9 releases prior to 2012.

Finally, if you don’t want to ruin your Kilroys but want to rock a pair, these will look as good as the real thing on your feet.

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