Yeezy V2 Raffles Are Here

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Check out our Yeezy 350 V2 Online Release Links too!


Acrimony (free raffle ticket)
(in store and online)
(IG spam)
ANSH64 (in store)
Antolnili (IG spam)
Asphalt Gold (IG entry, no tagging)
Avenue (online form)
BRED BXNY (in store)
Black Market (mass extortion)
Browns (online form)
Cherry (hoop jumping nonsense)
citadium (IG spam)
City Gear (twitter spam)
Commonwealth (in store extortion)
Concrete (online form)
Consortium (in store only)
Cotton Club (online form)
DTLR (online form)
END (online pre-paid)
eraldo (IG & FB spam)
Excelsior (online form)
Finish Line
(in store)
First Boutique (IG entry, no tagging)
Good Will Out (IG spam)
Harvey Nichols (IG spam)
Haven (online for in store pickup)
HBX (online form)
Hombre (IG spam)
HubBastille (IG non spam)
Hunting & Collecting (IG spam)
Impact (IG)
Jimmy Jazz (IG spam w/bonus nonsense)
KITH (online for in store pickup)
Labels (IG entry, no tagging tho)
Le Buzz (IG for in store pickup)
Le Rayon Frais (IG spam)
(IG spam)
Loaded (in store only)
Next Door (IG spam)
Nice Kicks (online form)
norse (online for in store pickup)
no-42 Paris (email)
no-74 (email for in store pickup)
oki-ni (online form)
One Block Down (weird IG)
Overkill (IG spam)
Pac Sun (in store)
Panther (IG)
PAPi (IG & FB spam)
Par 5 (IG spam)
Proper (Online)
Renaissance (IG spam)
Rezet (online for in store pickup)
Shinzo (IG no tagging)
Shoe Palace (online form)
Sivas (online and in-store)
SJS (online form)
SoleStop (weird, online, system… thing)
SNS (in store and online)
Social Status (online form)
St Alfred (in store only)
Starcow (IG spam)
storm (online for in store pickup)
Stoy (email)
Suede (in store)
Summer (IG)
titolo (IG spam)
Tres Bien (online form)
Triads (IG spam)
UberVart (email for in store pickup)
Vault (in store)
Villa (in store and online)
Voo (online for in store pickup)
WellGosh (online form)
Woodwood (online for in store pickup)
YCMC (online form)
YME (some weird crap)

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