What The LeBron 11 Real Vs Fake

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Strangely the price of the What The LeBron 11 continues to drop. Despite multiple delays, boiling hype and cancelled orders, more and more WTL 11’s continue to flood the market at lower and lower prices. One explanation has been the rash at near authentic fakes that, at a glance and in pictures are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing.

WTL11 What The LeBron 11 Real vs Replica Fake compatison

At CopTheseKicks we’ve reviewed LeBron 11’s before in Real vs Fake comparison. We were able to cop a pair on launch and can give a comprehensive real vs fake comparison.


Altho the differences are subtle, they are similar to all LeBron 11’s. The sole is too translucent, the edges are dull instead of sharp and well defined. In pictures that can be hard to distinguish so here are some simple “giveaways” to tell if the LeBron is fake.


Replica LeBron 11’s have a few easy spots. At the top of the picture you can see some obvious tell-tales. The silver lace lock is dull and not well defined. In the bottom of the picture above you can see the translucency of the heel shows the print on the upper. The sole should be solid and nothing should be visible through it. Notice the difference in print as well.

What The LeBron 11 Real vs Replica Fake compatison

Two more differences are visible in the photo above. The top photos feature a print on the right heel. On the replicas the color is orange instead of magenta. The splatter also does not have the “fingerprint” pattern that the authentic pair does. The bottom photos show the swoosh on the left shoe. Notice again, the silver is dull and not reflective. Also the hyper fuse print is missing the red print and colors are dull and pastel on the fakes.

As always, getting ripped off when trading, or purchasing on ebay, or from an individual is always a possibility. Pay with PayPal or credit card if possible to protect yourself and report fraud immediately.

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