Kanye West’s Twitter Hacked or Just Trolling?

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So soon after the Kanye Wiz beef, Yeezy took to twitter again and is already trending.

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While this trend at least has nothing to do with Kanye’s alleged anal fetish, it’s still a little strange given the absolute contradictory nature of the tweets. Referring to Kanye’s recent mixtape style track “Facts” he first apologizes to Michael Jordan stating his aim was really Nike CEO Mark Parker.

An obvious call out to his “jumped over jumpman” statement. With his recent “blessings and positive energy and blessings” rants, it seemed possible that Kanye had found a moment of humility and decided to make it public. Then minutes later, another odd tweet.

Once again seemingly directly contradictory to the lyrics of “Facts” where Kanye stated

“Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget names just like Steve Harvey”

Change of heart? A living satire of himself? Trolled? Hacked? Who knows, but being Kanye West, the hits just keep coming. A few minutes later, again contradicting Facts and his own tweet just 30 minutes earlier

“This is pretty cool” sounds pretty middle-school, even for Kanye. Obviously praising Nike after directly insulting them only compounds the confusion. It’s important to remember Kanye is famous for tweeting random crap then either deleting or contradicting it immediately after. I’m not sure if it was intentional, but either way it’s been worth a laugh.


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