Shaqnosis for $34 Shaq Attaq $49 w/free shipping

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By now you know Cop These Kicks are big fans of the underrated Reebok Classics Shaqnosis. Eye catching and immensely comfortable, we can’t say enough good things about these kicks. We’ve been bringing you the best prices every time they go on sale, but these are the best yet.


Shaqnosis Escape From LA: $34 w/coupon CLEARANCE
Shaqnosis Barracks: $34 w/coupon CLEARANCE
Shaqnosis Orlando: $41 w/coupon CLEARANCE
Shaqnosis Heat: $47 w/coupon AX28
Shaqnosis Man Of Steel: $69

There are also a few pair left of the Shaq Attaq sale

Shaq Attaq Azure Away: $59
Shaq Attaq LSU: $49
Shaq Attaq Ghost Of Christmas Present: $49
Shaq Attaq Shaqtus: $49

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