Data breach at Adidas leads to stolen customer information

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Adidas has reported today that an “unauthorized party” has accessed customer information for their US website. This breach is likely to have affected “a few million” customers in the United States. Adidas reported that the incident occurred on Tuesday June 26th.

While they know that customer data was collected, they don’t believe financial data was accessed meaning your credit card number is likely safe. What isn’t safe is your name, address, email and telephone number as well as your login credentials. Before you panic, Adidas said that all our passwords are encrypted so it is less likely that the thieves have that but it’s still a good idea to go ahead and change your login info for

According to an Adidas spokeswoman “Adidas is committed to the privacy and security of its consumers’ personal data. Adidas immediately began taking steps to determine the scope of the issue and to alert relevant consumers. Adidas is working with leading data security firms and law enforcement authorities to investigate the issue” so there may be more information to come. Either way, it doesn’t feel great as a customer.

This is as good of a time as any to remind you, paying with PayPal or Pay is a great way to avoid financial theft. Those methods use one time, individual use, encrypted tokens to pay for a transaction. Even if someone steals that info, they can’t ever use it. For years now I’ve decided not to save my credit card information with websites, and whenever I can I use Apple Pay or PayPal for that extra firewall between me and the data thief.

To sum up the incident

  • Only US customers were affected
  • Millions of customers data was accessed
  • Only personal information and login data was breeched
  • Use PayPal or Pay to keep your credit card info safe

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