Review: Crimson Foamposite Pro Real Vs Fake

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Fake Replica Crimson Foamposite Pro Real Vs Fake

Nike Crimson Foamposite Pro from

  • Quality: Fake 2.5/5
  • Appearance: 3.5/5
  • Comfort : 3.5/5
  • The Good: Decent construction, no glue marks.
  • The Bad: Creasing in foamposite material.
  • The Ugly: Wrong heel shape, tongue AIR logo outline, Plastic Carbon Fiber, Heel swoosh crooked, sole too translucent, toe box too long.

Conclusion: For the most part, replica foamposites do not do their authentic counterparts justice. The quality of the shoe was ok, no paint marks, or glue smell. RepDream (aka replover) seems to ship decent goods, but still fake.

In fact the foamposite is so far from the mark I can’t bring myself to call it a replica. It’s down right fake. The foamposite material is way too soft and easily creases. The weight difference was 10 ounces, close to a pound apart. You notice it too, as the materials just don’t feel as good as they should.

For fake foamposites they’re exactly what you’d expect. With the recent restocks, if you’re waiting on some crimson foamposites, keep your eye on our restock page and give these guys a pass.



3 thoughts on “Review: Crimson Foamposite Pro Real Vs Fake”

  1. dear ,so glad to see your share here,your work can help people who like sneaker a lot.would you mind leave a message to me ,I want to learn from you ,thank you for your support

  2. The crimson foams are fake thanks to your YouTube review , thing u say about them is true , but I need to know which website is the best for get some cheap real crimson foam , no fakes , please help me I subscribe to u on YouTube .please help me !!!!!!!!! I am new to buying shoes online

    1. Unfortunately, there are no inexpensive places to buy foams. Getting them on launch or restock is the only way to get them at retail. Ebay will always be a gamble, you might get fakes. Any website selling foams below $250 will also always be fake. Sorry man.

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